Millennial Speaking Coach

“I was never the kid who would grow up to be a public speaker because from 7 to 17 years old, I was a victim of serial bullying. I was fat, had low self-esteem, and my legs would shake whenever I saw beautiful girls, thus making me the obvious target of bullying in school. It turned me into a social hermit. But when I was 19, I joined a life coaching program, and got a glimpse of what life could be and should be if I live my potential. My mentor gave me some insights and I realized how much I loved to interact with people. I got better at letting thoughts and ideas flow, and communicating, versus just working with numbers (I majored in accounting). Now I’m a professional speaker and public speaking coach. I help clients from all over the world talk on stage. I also help millennials connect with senior management at the workplace. I’m a millennial myself and we get such a bad rap for being ‘special’ and feeling we deserve some entitlement. Even though we get so many opportunities, I must admit, sometimes we get ahead of ourselves. So I tell them to express empathy and show some respect to people who have gotten where they are. Then to managers, I say, ‘Cut younger people some slack. They’re who they are not just by choice, but because of circumstances as well.’”

Benjamin is an author, professional speaker and speaking coach from Singapore