Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2019

“We met online two years ago and have been together since. I’m from America and he’s Japanese. We’re here today for Tokyo Rainbow Pride. It’s starting to get more acceptance in Japan, although it’s still a long way to go before mindsets change completely. But we’re hopeful. I see more young people starting to embrace it and that’s an encouraging sign.”

“We’re students from France. I’m straight but she’s bisexual, and we’re here to support our friends at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2019. In Japan, being gay is still taboo. People don’t talk about it so openly. Back home, attitudes are much different. We don’t discriminate against love. But we think Japan is going the right direction.”

“We’re from the Philippines. We’re visiting Japan to see the pride parade 🏳️‍🌈 Even though our society is more open back home, we’ve never been to anything like this before. It’s exciting. We’ll definitely be back.”

“We’re here to support the LGBT community. In fact, two of us are bisexual. We’re students from America and the Philippines. We feel that people are starting to accept the idea, especially the younger generation. We hope older people will follow suit, because we believe people should be free to express their sexuality.”

“I’m here as an ally to the LGBTQ community. But this is the first time I’ve attended a rainbow pride parade in years. Last time was back home in Spain, when they passed the bill to legalize same-sex marriage. Times have definitely changed for the better. I hope.”